The Chrysler 300 roars into the great car history books after a final Dream Cruise

pour one out for the OG. The Chrysler 300 — the last great sedan created by an American automaker and the catalyst for Detroit’s greatest horsepower race

The rolling car show that originated as a celebration of muscle cars tips its hat this week to the farewell edition of the Chrysler 300C and the final gasoline-powered models of the Dodge Charger and Challenger

the 300’s siblings that made Dodge a highway hero and housed the ultimate expressions of Chrysler’s legendary Hemi V8.

After a generation of increasingly bland sedans with modest engines, the 300’s long hood, squinting window

V8 power and forward-leaning stance were thrilling and almost shocking when it hit the road for the 2005 model year

The big sedan was simultaneously modern and referential to 1930s mob bosses and ‘60s and ‘70s muscle car

while its rear-wheel-drive layout raised the bar for performance and handling.